January 27, 2018
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Various Assorted Colours AvailableWeight:

85 Gms – 105 Gms


Various Assorted Colours Available


Woolen Material
Mixed material

Woolen Beret Cap, Beret Cap, Military Beret Cap, Army Beret Cap, Basque Beret Caps, 64 S Wool Top Beret Cap, 100% Wool Beret Cap, Pure Wool Beret Cap.


Military Beret Caps are Soft, round, flat-crowned hat, usually of woven, hand knitted wool, crocheted cotton, wool felt or acrylic fiber. It is used as the Military /Army uniform headgear of country forces and domestic security forces and is heavily associated with elite units, most famously with the Army / Military Forces. Berets are also part of the stereotypical attire of the intellectual, film direct, artist, “hipster”, poet etc.

The icon of Army/Military Beret Caps in the uniform Duty, honesty, confident with Zeal and enthusiasm.

Berets Cap have features that make them attractive to the Military/ Army, they are easy to make in large numbers, can be manufactured in a wide range of colors and material style, can be rolled up and stuffed into a pocket or beneath the shirt epaulettes without damage, and can be worn with headphones (this is one of the reasons why early tank crews adopted the beret). The beret is not so useful in field conditions for the modern infantryman, who requires protective helmets, and non-camouflage versions are seldom seen on operations.

Camouflage berets possibly originate from the General Service cap “Cap, General Service” issued to the British Army in a Khaki material before the introduction of Berets. It was first introduced under “Army Council Instruction 1407” of September 1943. This cap was designed to replace the “Field Service cap” or “FS Cap” that had been worn since the outbreak of war. These caps were issued in priority to units serving overseas. UK based units got theirs later on. It was at first unpopular due to its over large appearance. This cap was not a beret. It was made from several pieces of drab cloth material, whereas a beret was a one piece item. It was based on the Scottish balmorals bonnet in design. First issues were made from the same gabardine cloth as the old “FS” cap. Badges worn on it were the conventional Officers bronze, and OR’s badges in both plastic and metal. Units which had special distinctions could still wear these on the “GS” cap. The General Service cap was worn by regulation one inch above the eyebrows, with badge over the left eye and the cap pulled down to the right. But many wartime photos will show it worn pushed back on the head, which seemed to be a fashion with many soldiers late in the War.

Berets Cap have been a component of the uniforms of many Military / Armed forces throughout the world since the mid-20th century. Military beret Caps are usually pushed to the right to free the shoulder that bears the rifle on most soldiers, but the armies of many countries.

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